Hazardous Location Certification

 Neil Debenham is a qualified test certifier for the following classes:

  • 2.1.2     Flammable Aerosols

  • 3.1        Flammable liquids

  • 4           Flammable solids

  • 5.1.1     Oxidising substances

  • 5.2        Organic peroxides

Limited to substances present in the Surface Coatings & Associated Industries.

Some requirements needed for us to be able to issue a location certificate are :

  • Legal site boundaries

  • Notification to enforcement agency (a current DG license will suffice)

  • Site plan showing hazardous areas

  • Manifests (with quantities/pack sizes) of what materials are kept in which area

  • Separation distances between buildings and legal boundaries

  • Hazardous Area Zoning (as per AS1940 and AS/NZS 2430.3.8:2004)

  • Assignation of a person in charge

  • Approved Handlers

  • Signage

  • Material Safety Data Sheet availability

  • Security measures

  • Control methods for unintended ignition

  • Records of ability to meet workplace exposure standards

  • Personal Protective Equipment provision and training records

  • Ability to maintain tracking records (if required)

  • Emergency response plans

  • Documentation that a Secondary containment is sufficient for the quantities of substance being held.

We are happy to check your requirements and advise what you require to cover your location and quote for completion of necessary work. For further information please contact Neil at admin@collievale.com