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Making the decision to buy a purebred dog has a number of benefits. From the appearance of the dog to its personality and health, purebreds can be a great choice for a pet due to their assurance in physical and behavioural traits.

One of the biggest reasons for buying a purebred dog is the desire to have a specific type of dog. With purebreds, you can easily do your research on a specific type of breed and get a good understanding of what physical traits are specific to it. Even when it's a puppy, you will be able to tell a lot about it based on its parents and breed. Because of this, the owner is able to estimate the dog's maximum weight, size, colouring, and hair length. Overall, the biggest advantage of a purebred dog lies in their predictability. If you research a breed enough you can expect to know what they will look like, from their coat, to their size, to their build. You can even get a good understanding for how they will act.

The various types of pure-bred dogs are the result of many years of selective breeding. All breeds were developed for a specific purpose and documentation is available on their history and heritage. When considering a pure-bred dog, it is possible to narrow down the choices to those with attributes which most clearly fit into your personal lifestyle and interests. For example, whether the dog will be good with your children or whether you will have time to groom and exercise the dog properly.

A dog's behaviour and personality is typically a product of its breed. Obviously, different breeds have different purposes and their personalities will relate to this. When buying a purebred, this temperament can be predicted based on the traits of their breed.

Responsible breeders will answer your questions and share their experiences and knowledge with you. They can provide background on the breed and discuss the characteristics of the adult dog. You will receive a documented history of the puppy and you will be able to see one or both parents or other family members.

Breeders have experience to give puppies the care and nurturing they need at critical early stages. This not only ensures you’ll have a healthy puppy, but that the puppy is much less likely to develop into a difficult adult. Breeders will guide you in proper care and feeding, health issues and training. Breeders are there to help you and will continue to provide information and support as your puppy grows.

Owners of registered pure-bred dogs can join their local breed club and the New Zealand Kennel Club to be able to participate in a variety of activities and events with their dogs. These provide an opportunity for social interactions with others common or similar interests. Information is available on all pure-bred dogs and breeders can provide invaluable advice and ongoing support.

It is always best to know what you are getting when it comes to buying a dog, and depending on your lifestyle, purebreds allow you to get a dog that best suits your needs.

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