14th May 2002 - 29th August 2014

After a wonderful life and being all that I could have asked for and more, Samson has gone to join all those who went before him over the Rainbow Bridge.  A gentleman right until the end, he will always be in our hearts.


The Way, S Long

 In the darkness I turned to go;

my last day's done, I'll miss you so.

No time even to say goodbye

or lick the tears spilling from your eyes.

That's when I heard you call my name;

I knew then I must ease your pain.

Since I've no voice with which to speak,

Its whispers in your dreams I'll make.

Ease your heart and rest your mind,

my time with you was the best of kind.

I couldn't have asked for a better friend,

we've shared our journey to the very end.

There's one final thing you need to know,

I'll whisper in your ear before I go...

"I'm leaving first to find the way-

I'll lead you there on your last day."


Aus Ch Sunnyhurst Silk Touch (Imp UK)

Eng Ch Brilyn Rum'n black (UK)

Eng Ch Jasande Young Winston (UK)

Eng Ch Lanteague Black Magic at Brilyn (UK)

Eng Ch Myskveil Melisande of Sunnyhurst (UK)

Chrisarion Collier (UK)

Eng Ch Myskveil Cindy Lou (UK)

Aus Ch Cathkin Nikita

Aus Ch Cathkin Ace of Spades

Aus Ch Cathkin Painted Black

Aus Ch Cathkin Julie Jones

Aus Ch Cathkin Shes a Stunner

Aus Ch Lamerton Gold Sovereign

Aus Ch Gadenine Ray of Sunshine



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