Smooth Collies

Ch Golden Ambition of Glenrere as a puppy. (Amber)

The smooth collie was a new move for us at the end of 2003 when Amber came into our lives. Over 2003 I had been helping Dilys Stephens of Glenrere Collies in the ring with her smooths and fell in love with her Sable called Pepsy (Ch Glenrere Golden Reign). When a litter was born in October 2003, Dilys entrusted me with the care of this lovely girl - Amber.

While the rough and smooth collie are the same breed with the difference in coat being a gene in their make-up, we have found owning a smooth is different to owning a rough. For people who think the long coat would be a big grooming and shedding problem - I have found the smooth to be harder as they seem to continually shed and the short hairs embed everywhere. On the good side - when they get wet in the rain they are much easier to dry off and they have such a wonderful loving temperament. Amber seeks out attention and constantly nuzzles behind us for a fuss. Check out Amber's page by clicking on her picture below and see her full grown.


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